Cruxl's approached us seeking a new logo design and label concept—for their curated cocktail experiences. They aimed to repurpose a distinctive rectangular bottle, typically reserved for artisanal oils, to house their locally distilled cocktails. - this built the base for our work.
Our design process commenced with a moodboard—an eclectic collage of captivating imagery and textures, setting the project's heartbeat. Drawing inspiration from art deco architecture, concrete minimalism, the essence of artisanal cocktails, vivid color palettes, and refined materials, the moodboard became the catalyst for Cruxl's new logo and label design. With an ode to Art Deco's elegance, the logo now reflects a vintage sophistication intersecting with contemporary tastes—a fusion that transforms the brand's ambiance into an inviting space resonating with nostalgic charm and modern allure.

Our design journey concluded with the label designs, a pivotal element for the rather unusual bottle. Composed of multiple elements — each label-component contributes to the brand's story. The front and back label is kept clean, simple, and to the point, the lid-covering seal adds the personal touch - coordinates of each cocktail's origin, and the neon-colored paper ring around the bottle-neck, is the contemporary addition that injected a dash of modernity into the otherwise sophisticated and classic labels.