Eikon Media GmbH, a seasoned film production house thriving since 1960, sought to transition into the digital realm. Despite their rich history in crafting compelling narratives for various mediums, they faced a challenge in being perceived as a modern, digitally adept company. Eikon’s legacy lay in producing documentary and fictional formats for traditional platforms, yet their aspirations for digital expansion required a significant brand shift.
Tasked with revitalizing Eikon’s identity, TL Consulting embarked on a journey to reshape their visual brand. Collaborating closely with Eikon, we delved into a comprehensive rebranding endeavor. Our goal was to amplify their presence in the digital sphere while honoring their established success and values. The strategy was centered on a new positioning—"lively. up close. involved."—that would serve as the bedrock for a vibrant, modernized visual identity.

The resulting transformation was a testament to creativity meeting functionality. Eikon emerged with a bold, resounding visual identity that harmonized dynamism with simplicity. Vibrant, contemporary colors symbolized growth and adaptability, while rounded shapes and minimalist fonts exuded clarity and approachability. The fusion of these elements encapsulated Eikon’s digital innovation and people-centric ethos. A pivotal aspect of this evolution lay in crafting a representative website—a concise, impactful 25-page platform that showcased Eikon’s narrative prowess.

This launch was accompanied by a spectrum of creative applications across social media channels and five prominent locations. The culmination of this endeavor was not just a rebranded identity; it was a digital transformation that spoke volumes about Eikon’s evolution and readiness to embrace the future.